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Since starting She Travelled the World I always thought how amazing it would be to be able to meet and hang out with my followers and have the opportunity to meet them on a much more personal level. I've had the pleasure to meet a couple of you during my travels throughout the years, however I would love the opportunity to be able to organise something for you and I to experience together... did someone say, GROUP TRIP?!

I'm partnering up with Trovatrip so we can have the opportunity to travel together in 2022! This trip is really up to you to decide how you want it to look - trip length, destinations, budget and most importantly, what do you want to do together?! Cooking in Italy, surfing in Mexico or exploring the streets of Istanbul - it's all up to you! 

Check out the survey HERE and fill it out will everything you would want out of our group trip together! This would be an amazing opportunity to hang out, take amazing photos and create unforgettable memories, so make sure to fill out the survey so we can plan the perfect getaway for 2022!

Here is the survey link again!

Can't wait to read your answers :)

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